Unitas Class Photo 23-24


Who are we?

Unitas is a cooperation of Christian homeschooling families who hire tutors to teach our children using the disciplines of classical Christian education. These disciplines include memorization in the early years, progressing to logic, critical thinking and rhetoric in the upper-level classes. Unitas is a recognized non-profit organization and has received its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Why do we meet?

Having a cooperative of homeschooled children offers our families many valuable opportunities. Our children have the chance to experience learning in a classroom setting and to be part of a team. Because of the experiences and opportunities brought in by our tutors and families, the students are involved in many hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom that help solidify what they are learning. Unitas functions as a resource to homeschooling families. As a group, we are able to support, encourage and hold each other accountable as we endeavor to educate our children at home.

What do we offer?

Tutoring is offered two days a week and is arranged by learning level. Students in Kindergarten begin with basic phonics and writing skills, social studies, sciences, and literature. Students in first and second grade continue to develop their phonics skills. Grammar is introduced and writing is expanded. Chronological history is introduced beginning in first grade. Students in third thru sixth-grade cover grammar/writing, chronological history, science and Latin. Grades seven and eight continue with grammar/writing, science, and adds the study of logic as they enter this second stage of the Classical Trivium. Grade seven will complete a chronological history review and grade eight will begin the Biblical Worldview Curriculum, Starting Points. We offer classes through 10th grade. At the high school level, we will continue with writing, science, and a history-based worldview curriculum.

Where is Unitas Classical Christian Cooperative?

Unitas meets at Grace Lutheran Church in Bowie, MD every Monday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., giving our families Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to continue studies at home.

What do we require from new families?

We require your support and participation. Any cooperative effort is only as good as the members involved. Each family must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and Commitment to Education and Unitas Responsibilities forms. We also require each new student to be tested and new families to be interviewed prior to placement in the cooperative.