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Mrs. Lauren Spano


Mrs. Jen Beilman

Jen tutors students in History (Grammar III-V) and Government/World Geography (Grammar VI).  After finishing a B.A. in Business Administration, she received her Masters of Arts in Religion from Trinity International while working with International students at the local university.  In 2010, she and her family moved to Vienna, Austria and worked with a local church. After coming back to the States, she began homeschooling her own four boys and has been doing that since 2014.  Jen has always had a passion for the other cultures and seeing the Gospel proclaimed.  She enjoys spending time with her boys, especially her husband.

Dr. Ellen Gustafson

Ellen tutors Math (Grammar IV through Logic). She received a Bachelor of Arts in VPA-Dance with a psychology minor from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She then completed a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in 2011. Ellen grew up in Swaziland, Africa and moved to Maryland at the age of 16. Having learned to love and excel in math from her Papa, tutoring math has been a part of her life since she was young. She also helped homeschool her nephews and has been a private tutor to a variety of ages. Ellen really enjoys understanding how each person learns in unique ways and helping them build both competence and confidence in math. She lives in Woodbine, MD on a family farm with her husband Luke where they are building a house and dreaming of continuing the family farming tradition. Having been foster parents in the past and currently enjoying their many nieces/nephews and godchildren, they look forward to however God continues to bring children into their life in the future. They also enjoy working closely with their church youth group. Ellen loves to work out, dance, write, draw, and play word games. She is passionate about pets and farm animals and enjoys gardening almost year round as well as knitting and other crafts. She loves experiencing diverse cultures through food, friendship, and language.

Ms. Janice Lentz

Janice tutors our Grammar I class. She has 4 grown children, whom she homeschooled, and 4 grandchildren. She attended the University of Baltimore majoring in English. Janice loves children and has a passion to help them reach their full potential and develop a love for learning. When she is not tutoring at Unitas, she is either spending time with her family or helping others get organized.

Mrs. Denise Rubin

Denise “discovered” Classical Christian Education when she was looking for a program to enrich her son’s education. The curriculum that was being used by a private Christian school, that her son Sean was attending and that she co-founded, was not challenging Sean or the other older students. Armed with articles by and conversations with Classical Christian Educators, she first convinced the Board to allow her to teach Latin. Backed by more articles, she continued to laud the Trivium, the Great Books, teaching History chronologically, and a curriculum that integrates all subjects. By the end of that first school year, the Board agreed to go Classical if she would train the staff and become the Curriculum Director and Advisor. Of course, she said yes! Looking back, Denise can clearly see the Lord’s Hand guiding her all the way. Before her son was born, she studied Education and Art History and earned her Masters in Nursery, Early, and Elementary Education, from Hunter College in New York City. She is certified in Education, Grades 1-6 and Visual Arts, K-12 in New York State. She believes that applying the Trivium is the best way to teach children because the Lord designed us to have specific traits or abilities at
particular times in our young lives. The Trivium takes advantage of the child’s cognitive development at each of those stages. She homeschooled her son, Sean in High School, and he flourished with Classical Education.
Denise has been teaching Latin on and off since 1999, when she first
“convinced” the Board to allow her to teach it. She is extremely blessed to be back at Unitas teaching Latin again!! Denise is very passionate about the Lord and His Word, her husband, David, her son, Sean, his wife Lucy, their two young boys, and their Australian Shepherd puppy, Dax. She is also passionate about Classical Education. Her favorite things to do are to teach, visit Art museums and NYC (from Thanksgiving until Christmas), take wakes in the woods-especially in Autumn, bake scones, biscotti, and all kinds of cookies – particularly chocolate chip cookies for her students when they take their Quarter Tests.

Dr. Nicole Maddock

Nicole Maddock is blessed to teach Grammar Three through Five History and Grammar Six World Geography.  She has a Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University and her Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She has been a criminal law attorney and college law instructor.  She has been married to her husband, Erik, since 2010.  Her passion is seeing God's sovereignty in both the macro of world history and governments but also the micro of believer's lives.  She has two boys also at Unitas and is always up for a history field trip.  When she can squeeze it in, she also volunteers for an 18th century living history organization in Maryland.

Dr. Kris Mayo

Dr. Kris Pelham Mayo is a veterinarian and classical homeschool tutor in the natural sciences for our Logic I & II classes.  She will also be teaching Biology to our Logic III (9th grade) class during the 2020-21 school year. She received a BA in modern languages (German and French) from the College of William and Mary and a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.

After practicing clinical veterinary medicine and surgery for a number of years, Dr. Mayo joined the faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County as an adjunct professor, where she developed and taught online classes in veterinary technology. She has been homeschooling her 4 children (ranging from elementary school age through high school age) since they were born. Since 2011, she has also been tutoring high school laboratory science classes, including anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, physical science, and general science for local classical Christian homeschool tutorials, as well as an online international homeschool academy.

Dr. Mayo is passionate about helping students learn more about their Creator by studying His creation! Students who enroll in her classes learn more than just science through a Christian worldview. They also learn how to learn. Many high school students can read a textbook, but they often do not really know how to study a textbook. Using classical, trivium-based techniques, her students learn for retention and develop practical study techniques, time management habits, and critical thinking and rhetorical skills that benefit them through high school and beyond.

Dr. Mayo lives on a farm in Bowie, Maryland, with her husband, 4 children, horses, chickens, sheep, rabbits, cats, and whatever other animals show up at the farm. She is excited to be teaching knowledge, developing wisdom, and fostering understanding with a Christian worldview at Unitas Classical Christian Cooperative.


Mrs. Angela  Payne

Angela is our Grammar II tutor.  She received her degree in music education and has taught in a number of capacities, including high school choir and English as a second language.  When Angela and her husband, Ryan, started having children, she stayed home to be a full-time mom and later started homeschooling her three children when their oldest was in second grade.  When she’s not tutoring at Unitas or instructing her own kids, Angela enjoys teaching private piano lessons and serving at her church.  She loves time with family and friends, hiking, playing games, reading, and cooking.



Mr. Chris Spano

Chris Spano graduated from Wheaton College (IL) with a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies. He also graduated from the Wheaton College Graduate School with an M.A. in Biblical Exegesis and an M.A. in Theology. Currently Chris serves as the Senior Pastor of Trinity Community Church in Bowie, MD. He is also blessed to help his wife teach their four homeschooled children, to coach youth sports, and to teach at workshops on BIblical exposition for The Charles Simeon Trust.



Mrs. Katie Wetherbee

Katie is our Math tutor for Grammar III through Logic I. She received a Bachelor's in Exercise Science from Towson University in 2006, and married Daniel a few weeks later. Before having children, she started a small, in-home personal training business called Bee Fit Personal Training. While she does still train a few clients, most of her time now is spent homeschooling her three children. She began the classical homeschooling journey when her oldest was 4 years old, and she has never looked back! She is immensely grateful for her husband's support in this homeschool journey, for the flexibility that homeschooling brings, and especially for the precious time at home with her quickly growing children. When she isn't spending time with her husband and children, she loves to read, work out, sing with the worship team at church, and learn more about homeopathic and nourishing, traditional ways to feed and keep her family healthy.


Mrs. Trina Young

Trina tutors our Logic I & II (7th & 8th grades) classes in our Logic course.  This is her eighth year with Unitas. She has a diploma in Bible Theology from the Moody Bible Institute. She is the mother of three children. Trina’s other passion is teaching a Body and Soul aerobics class.